Request: Force ID3

Ok, this needs some explanation.

Basically, the Headunit of my new car (Renault EasyLink) has the ability to display cover art of music, but ONLY if tagged in ID3 format.

.flac files will play but not display cover art.
If I use EAC and select to add ID3 tags to the ripped flac files everything works.

However, I usually do some editing to my music, I don't just rip from CD and call it a day (I usually will normalize all files to around 89dB so even the quietest track on my USB drive won't clip, + I add a portion of dithering noise before the track otherwise the HU will cut the first beat sometimes) and then I use mp3 tag to re-do the tagging job.

Please add a function like "force ID3 tags (not recommended)" ! I know this doesn't make sense in most other cases. :grimacing:

I know this doesn't make sense in most other cases.

That would force compatibility problems, same - sorry - bullshit - than using ape tag on mp3 :scream:


You can ask, but don't hold your breath: I doubt that will ever be implemented. :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile, you can write ID3 tags to FLAC files if you change the files extension to MP3 before loading them into Mp3tag.

Here is a thread with a number of further links that deal with the problem of ID3 tags in FLAC files. The gist of it: don't do it.
The problem is the player, not the tags.