Tags: FLAC (FLAC) and FLAC (FLAC ID3v2)

I just scanned my collection of FLAC files and a few have "FLAC (FLAC ID3v2)" in the tag column. Most just have simply "FLAC (FLAC)" listed in the Tag column. What is the difference and how might this have happened?

Typically, it happens in EAC, if you mistakenly leave the "add ID3 tag" option ticked when you rip and encode in FLAC.

The ID3 tags should be removed. You can remove them by re-encoding the files using flac.exe, or you can remove them in Mp3tag in a round-about way by cutting and pasting all tags. Mp3tag won't rewrite the ID3 tag back.

See: /t/9134/1

Make sure you test this first with a very small set of files, and make sure you have backups of your test files.

How do you re-encode with EAC? When I ripped my collection with EAC it created an M3U in the folder and a CUE out of the folder in the main directory folder. Can I do this without having to put the CD in the PC again? One thing I notice about the CUE is that it references the original drive and folder location. I have since put my collection on another drive and folder directory.

Also I'm curious as to why you say that the ID3 tags should be removed?

Read the referred post ... and read some of the other postings ... from the thread "Still learning- Can .FLAC files be ID3 tagged?"... especially the hint ... "You can simply use Mp3tag" ...

Additional informations there ...


Here are instructions from this forum: Strip ID3 tags, leave Vorbis tags on FLAC?

Use Ctrl-R (which removes all tagging from the files), then Ctrl-Z (Undo) to paste the tags back into the files from the clipboard. The ID3 tag won't be recreated when you perform the Undo. Again, I'd be careful doing this and would be sure to make a backup of the files beforehand, as well as making sure you test it on a few files first.

Also, Mp3tag does not identify ID3v1 tags in FLAC files.

Thanks for the links. A quick read and they look like they will be helpful for figuring how to remove the "FLAC (FLAC ID3v2)" tags. I'll re-read them and see what I can do.

Just curious. What will?

Here is a test file ...
FLAC_with_ID3_Tags.zip (173 KB)
The filename is:
This file has a ID3v2.4 tag prepended and a ID3v1 tag appended.

Load this file into Mp3tag.
Use menu or keyboard [Ctrl]+[X] to remove both ID3 tags and the FLAC tag (cut out to clipboard).
Use menu or keyboard [Ctrl]+[V] to insert the FLAC tag (copy from clipboard).


FLAC_with_ID3_Tags.zip (173 KB)

I use ExifTool.
It is a powerful command-line application that can read the metadata in many types of files.
There is a steep learning curve.
It is used extensively by the digital photography community to read and write image files but does not write to audio files.

Yes it work. Thanks for your help!