REQUEST: forum button

How about adding a button for opening the forum in a browser? And a second one for the ?

Yes, there are bookmarks; yes, there are tabs; yes, I can pin the tab. But that is additional switching / clicking; and / or taking of precious space in browser, while I already have constantly a few tabs with the forum with on-going topics

I found myself dozens of times, when coming up with something new, going to the browser, switching to existing tab with forum, opening a new tab by clicking whatever link on the forum and then going up [backwards] just to get to the overall view available at At the same goes for the help page, although not that often in my case. So if I could do than from the window of Mp3tag itself with a single click away, that would save me a lot of time and movement

This is actually the help that can also be opened locally by pressing F1.

The "Forum" button is a menu function of the help menu with the name "Online Support" - so in a way the function is already there.