Request: Frequently used Icons

It would be nice to be able to set up a number of icons that are used over and over. I have a about 15 Tag conversions that I use depending on the type of songs/genre/etc,
I also have several different Actions that are different, and I change them to do different depending on the type of songs/genre/etc,
If I forget to turn on or off different items It takes time to fix them if It gets too far past where I forgot to turn it on or off

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What exactly it is that you are advocating for?

A customizable Toolbar?

For Example: I use the "Tag-Tag" to copy the Artist To AlbumArtist, then I also use Tag-Tag to move any Artist that is a featured on the song to a tag That I created for that. the only problem is use Tag-Tag is the Featured artist might be in the Artist tag or the Title tag or braked by () or {} or [] or just "Feat" or any numbered ways and I might have to click up to 10 timed depending on the way the song is done.
So if I had the way to have several Tag-Tag buttons along the top menu line to do it in one click,
It could be set up something like the "Menu Tag Sources", which is at most a 1 click that does the last thing that you did with it, but it 2 clicks you can change to another Menu Tag Sources.

The function Tag-Tag is (almost) the equivalent to an action of the type "Format value".
So you can setup an action group with all the different manipulations that you want to apply.
If you tick this action group in the list of action groups then it is executed every time that you use the actions.
Also, you can select a special action from the drop down list of actions in the tool bar.