Request: Function to open actions folder

I would find it useful to have a function in the Actions definition dialogue that would open the folder where the mta files are stored.
This function could be added to the Utils button or to the context menu.

In general this would ease the trouble to find the folder that is really used by MP3tag to store the actions. This could vary, depending on the installation and installation history:
it could be:

  • the user profile folder in %appdata%
  • the standard windows program installation folder
  • a special installation folder
  • a folder on a removable storage as part of a portable installation.

So if one finds a nice action script in the forum, it would be much easier to get an explorer window with the correct path where one could then put the downloaded action.

(Something similar would also be nice for web source scripts and export scripts ... for more or less the same reasons.)

A self defined Tool may help.

  1. Name: Open folder Mp3tagAppdata
  2. Path: <Filepath to explorer.exe>
    for example: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
  3. Parameter: '/e,"'$getEnv('MP3TAGAPPDATA')'"'
  4. Checkbox: for all selected files: no



Yes, that's really helpful. Thank you very much.
(even though it is not possible to use the tool when you have opened the actions or the export dialogue but much better than nothing at all)

DetlevD, thank you for this very handy idea.

I found that a small addition will open my "actions" folder directly: