Request: Grouped/related action groups

I have several action groups defined that are related and mutually exclusive - Logically, I want to run only one of them at any given moment. The checkbox-centric dialog of Actions makes it possible to execute two of them, so it requires a fair amount of checking and unchecking of boxes, and the possibility of easily making a mistake because of this.

For example:

[ ] Compilation
[ ] Non-compilation

Sets the (FLAC) COMPILATION field to either 1 or 0.

Another example:

[ ] Individual
[ ] Group

Sets the ARTISTSORT field from the ARTIST field.. In the case of 'Individual' it does a firstname/lastname swap. In the case of 'Group' it strips leading articles such as 'the', 'los', 'el', etc.


[ ] Disc 1 of 2
[ ] Disc 2 of 2

Sets DISC and DISCCCOUNT fields for the common case of two-disc albums.

I have a couple others that have three choices. My suggestion for the user interface would be to be able to "group" these somehow and then present radio buttons in the dialog instead of checkboxes. Then, it becomes much easier to select among a group and becomes impossible to make a mistake and check more than one of them at the same time.

If this is done, another user interface suggestion (necessity?) is to have an option to alternate the background colors, much like 'display grid lines' in file view, except that there may be multiple lines together with the same background color. This would be necessary to visually group the radio button groups.