Request: 'highlighting of changes' feature

Please, developer sir, please reconsider and add this feature in please read this thread for anyone to understand.

It would be an optional feature (so a user can enable/disable it) if implemented :rolleyes:

Hi horseface,
yes, I've seen the poll. So if you open a topic in the general discussion I take it that you want to discuss the topic, don't you?

I am still wondering what I would gain and what I would loose with the highlighting function.
OK, I might see some alterations - but when? As soon as I type them in? That would considerably slow down my input, if the selected is rather long, as all selected items would have to be interpreted if the change would apply to them. What would happen if I revoke a change? Undo the highlighting in all previously highlighted items?

What should happen to changes that apply to items outside the currently visible list, so to so say further up or down? Should the program shift the focus? Probably I wouldn't want that.
How should changes be documented? By showing the old and new version parallely? I think this would become rather awkward with a lot of tracks and fields in the display.

So in general I would not see any benefits that could not yet be handled by applying sorting orders or filters.
So if you are happy with highlighting function in that other program, use it whenever you need it for the trial and error method and use the superior functions of MP3tag without highlighting.

You won't gain or loose anything as far as this feature being an option to turn on/off. It wouldn't be a feature that would be enabled by default anyway, so you or anyone who's not comfortable with it wouldn't have to tolerate it.

Like EasyTag, any alteration (highlighted change) would only show once you have moved onto the next file in the file list and no not as you type.

undo the highlighting?? You mean if you want the tag field revert to the way it was before it's edit in a current session. Then simple, the highlighting would just disappear. I used to do it in EasyTag where I would change a tag field e.g. 'Album' and then move to a next file in the list for the file highlight feature to show on that previous edited file. I then may change my mind, go back to that edited file and press Ctrl+Z (undo) to revert back to the way the field was and the highlighting go's away. The same undo can be applied to all tag fields in a file until it reverts back to the way it was (in-memory editing).

That's a good question. No the program shouldn't auto shift focus. May I further then propose flashing scrollbar, that would flash on/off to a colour appropriate to the OS - while the highlighting feature is enabled. Alongside the flashing scrollbar, the text of all non-changed files can be greyed out which would add more boldness to the files colour highlighted in the file list. Hows that?

For those that disaprove: The flashing scrollbar I like but I think there would be users who would totally not like that therfore this flashing scrollbar alert can be disabled and in it's place left to the user to manually scroll and check that any changes have been saved. If the highlighted changes haven't been saved then like any standard app mp3tag would show a prompt that there are unsaved files with a "still wish to exist" "no or yes" choice.

Another easier question, would be where in 'Options' should 'highlighting of changes' feature be configured? May I suggest a new menu tree in 'Options' like this- Image (click me) .. Otherwise it could simply go under 'tags'.

Another good obvious question from you. Yes everything will be shown in parallel (normal display). Unfortunately EasyTag doesn't highlight individual tag fields that have been changed which is why I already further proposed that field names or the actual field input space be made to also highlight. Which one of these for the case of field highlighting would you go for:

a. Field text name be highlighted to a bold text with colour like this mock drawing (click me)


b. Would you prefer a simple asterix star to prefix and suffix the field text names on changes. A coloured asterix like this maybe: *


c. Or what about a shift in background colour for the edit input fields, a light colour, like this- Image (click me) ... took the colour from my foobar2000's non-active Window

IMO, the idea 'c' looks more neater

The most important thing for me in this entire feature request is to be able to edit tag fields on a multi-file basis without mp3tag erasing edited tag fields when I move to the next file. Auto-saving each tag field is not what I want and I know that's already there. Because of the questions you have rasied then this 'highlighting of changes' feature should come with additional settings below it in the 'Options' sub-menu. Such settings like 'text colour for the highlight' (could open a colour pallete), 'confirm exit of program with prompt'. Thank you for asking these questions as all things must be considered when new features are added in apps.

btw, the 'confirm exit of program' would better off being placed under 'Messages' in the mp3tag Options like this (click me).

Mp3tag already does everything I want except this feature. I am not keen on EasyTag which likes to scan my entire directory for music. I can control mp3tag, mp3tag is up to date and fully customizable. I do not want to carry on using EasyTag. I like being centralized.

Remember the 'highlighting of changes' feature would be a feature to enable or disable with it being disabled by default.

From the very beginning I have expressed that my requested highlighting function should be an option only that can be enabled (in options) if a user wanted it. What interference would that cause you?