Request: HTML export script with discnumber, disc-tracks, disc-length

Hello, I'm looking for an export-script, that lists the selected tracks in this mannor:

counter   artist  album      disc   tracks  time           tTracks  tTime
    001   abc     titlle 01  01     nn      hh:mm:ss   
    002   bcd     titlle 01  01     nn      hh:mm:ss   
                  titlle 02  01     nn      hh:mm:ss
                             02     nn      hh:mm:ss
                             03     nn      hh:mm:ss   nnn      hh:mm:ss
    003   cde     title 01   01     nn      hh:mm:ss   
    004   def     title 01   01     nn      hh:mm:ss
    005   ghi     title 01   01     nn      hh:mm:ss   
                  title 02   01     nn      hh:mm:ss
                             02     nn      hh:mm:ss
                             03     nn      hh:mm:ss   nnn      hh:mm:ss
total albums n.nnn   total discs n.nnn   total time  ddd:hh:mm:ss

I tagged every track with it's entire disc-number (format: nn) in a tag-field. In my order samplers (album-artist: Various Artists) are normal albums, all tracks have disc-numbers, too.

It would be very nice if cover-images would be included, maybe in the column with the album-title.

I had a look at the scripts

html_dano_florian album list (with cover, no tracks)


html_dano album list itunes style

and tried to modify them. "html_dano album list itunes style" is some kind of close to the list I'm after, but I did not manage to nest the loops and manage the counter(s).

Thank you for listening.


You probably have to loop by artist>album>cdnumber>track
Dano's script uses %_counter% as trigger to modify the style in each row. You either would have to abstain from that feature or define a counter on your own.
The loop for artist would feature the artist and the counter.
The loop for album would output the album name.
The loop for disc would output the discnumber.
The loop for track would loop through the tracks without output.
But when the track loop is done, you would output totaltracks and totaltime.
Please see the documentation on placeholders

All further questions would then be much easier to answer with concrete code examples.