1> I would like to know if it is possible, to display, change, fields not in the list of MP3Tag
Such as "Description" for sample in ITUNES very useful in the podcasts.
2 > I don't know why some field with value in Itunes are not present in MP3TAG


How do you currently get the information from iTunes into Mp3tag and your tracks?
Could you please describe your steps?

... itunes does not save all the information in the tags but keeps them in its database.

Have you tried the extended tags dialogue Alt-T to see all the tags saved in the file?

Also see the documentation about


Pretty much every field that can be edited in iTunes' Get Info panel can be updated in mp3tag. I haven't used the iTunes editor for a long time due to many limitations there, including the poor filtering. But that is why we have mp3tag! Do note that any changes made outside of iTunes will require you to force a library update. See here for some guidance.

An example of a video file I have, including the DESCRIPTION field you mentioned, that is similar to the podcast tags;

So I create a clip , import in Itunes , son i fill field in Itunes (like Pic01) but in mp3Tag some field present in mp3t such as "Title" are empty .
but I check the Mp4 and Itunes don't write the infos , and the problem is not in the MP3Tag sorry
Thx for your help , I discover other pb in Itunes
For the first issue I understand the problem with I-tunes , I will try to create an text file from the Xml of Itunes .

in old versions of iTunes there was a function to convert tag versions, let's say from 2.2 to 2.3.
And that wrote the data to the files.
The trick was to convert e.g. 2.3 to 2.3 - which then updated the files.
After that the data should be visible in MP3tag.
I don't know whether this function is still there.

I'm trying to understand what you mean here, but can't get a clear picture. What problems are you still having seeing tags from iTunes in mp3tag? Maybe identify what version of iTunes you are using, PC or Mac, and what files types you are having the problems with. With one of those files selected in mp3tag, open the Enhanced Tag panel using Alt-T and post a screen shot here so it can be easier to help.