[Request] load only mp3s with certain fields missing


With regards to the help topic I have here:


I would like to formally suggest this as a request to be added into mp3tag. It would be most useful for me as when you are tagging on such a large scale - not having to scroll so much would be a blessing and also being able to highlight everything in one go would makes things so much easier.

I havent described the problem in detail here because reading the link I have provided will give an idea of what the problem is. I would just like to see this implemented and for us to choose either a single field or multiple fields - where if there is no info, the mp3 is listed within mp3tag.

For example - in the left hand column you could have the following - the [] would be like a check box:

Show only where the following are missing:

[] Year

and as you check or uncheck - mp3s show or disappear depending on the criteria you choose. So basically you wouldnt have to refresh - it would refresh itself as you check and uncheck.

Advanced Options

  1. If someone did a "space" in the tag (pressed spacebar and saved) - then technically it has some data so therefore it might not show up - although it isnt any valid data with regards to ID3 - so it would be good to see this ignored.

  2. If an album contained both blank and filled ID3 tags - then an option is present to list the entire album, so that when tagging the files without tags - we can compare to make sure we add the same year/genre etc as has been put for the files within this album that are tagged.


you already can achieve this by using a filter:
load your files, hit F3 to see the filter subwindow, select the tag you're interested in (ie ARTIST) and enter a single dot (means "anything") in the filter field, then check the "invert" box ...

you still have to load all files this way but you can limit the display

HTH, andreas