REQUEST : Location Of "Cover Art" Within TAG PANEL

Under Tools -> Options -> Tag Panel ,
we can choose which various fields and field properties to display,
within the TAG PANEL.
However, I do not know how to move the "Cover Art" location within the TAG PANEL.

Changing the location of the 'Cover Art' within the TAG PANEL.

I want to do move the "Cover Art" location because,
sometimes I resize the MP3Tag application in such a way,
that the "Cover Art" is not visible.
Since the "Cover Art" not visible,
I cannot drag'n'drop "Cover Art" onto the TAG PANEL.

Perhaps as an alternative:
Prior to drag&drop, scroll the tag panel so that the cover area is visibile. Then drag&drop.
Or: copy the picture to the clipboard and then paste it from the clipboard with the functions from the cover area context menu.

thanks for helping ohrenkino.
i know i can scroll up/down the panel, to make the 'cover area' visible.
this was a bit annoying to do, when i was doing this many times.

your second suggestion is better, ie. copy image to clipboard
and then paste it, into the 'cover art' context area.
I did not realize this is possible :smiley:

i still hope, one day, the location of the 'cover art' can be moved within the Tag Panel :innocent: