REQUEST - Make MP3TAG support VGMdb

Hi, i love mp3tag and have been using it for a while now, 4-5 years, i love how easy to use this program is.
I mostly like Videogame Music, and sometimes i need to manually Tag entire untagged albums Song per Song, and its very tedious, but i do it anyway just to keep my collecion nice and clean.

So, there's a page, called Videogame Music Database and seeing how MP3TAG already suppors some pages like Amazon and MusicBrainz, it would be Extremely helpfull for a lot of people that mp3tag suppors this videogamemusic Database, it would save a lot of work.

So.. I hope some of the developers can Read this, this is something that really needs to be added


Already done

That was fast
Thanks a lot man, its working now
Didnt know about you could add libraries like that