REQUEST: [Middle Mouse Button] Pop-Up Tag Box

I would like to suggest adding new feature

When we hover over the files in the main window, we could get a pop up window every time we stop over a file. This window would display a single line or a box of multiple lines. The content displayed would be the tag fields defined by the user. This would allow to see some important, rarely used and / so-far-to-the-right-fields-that-require-scrolling to be seen

Such window should appear a little below and right to the mouse pointer, so that it would not obscure the line we are hovering upon

The time after we see the pop-up should be definable, in milliseconds- some might want to see such info right away and some might want to wait a second or two [and by default it could be turned off completely]

Alternatively this could not be an automatic thing but such pop-up window could be evoked each time with a middle mouse button single click. Or such click could turn on and off such automatic display [and this could also be turned into an icon on a Toolbar]. We the alternative sollution, such pop-up info box could also be displayed when we hover upon and click withing the Tag Panel window