REQUEST: option for "saving" current state and clearing history


Recently I have made a suggestion concerning the CTRL + Z and the filter box: /t/19125/1

And now I have another issue with its inner workings and with how overall settings are saved

When I perform complex / long operation, be it manually or with actions, I can go so far that I need to "save" the current state, just to be sure that I do not accidentally press the wrong shortcut [CTRL + Z] and thus loose unknown amount of work. So to do that I can either reload files or close and reopen Mp3tag and then load the files. And often I just have to choose the second option because I added new actions or columns in the main window or fields in the Tag Panel and I need to have them secured. Because if Mp3tag crashes such changes will not reappear when I reopen it- settings will be taken from the point of the first opening

And no- you cannot right now save settings. You can choose "Save configuration" in the File drop down menu, but that is a totally misleading description, as in a mater of fact it export settings. Saving of configuration happens when Mp3tag is being closed. So why not give an option to actually save settings without closing of the software? Most of the time I work on my whole collection- so I have to wait ~15 seconds until they are re-loaded from RAM; just because for example I added or changed some action. And the alternative, in form of creating 10 or 20 ZIP files from one day with upgraded configuration, is also not very user friendly

So maybe both an icon for clearing history of changes [for wiping the steps that can be reverted with CTRL + Z] plus a real "Save configuration" option aside "Export configuration" [the former "Save configuration" option] in the File menu could be added?

REQUEST: block CTRL + Z when focused in the Filter Box

If it is a list of files that you want to get back: save the currently loaded files as playlist and load that one for further processing.


Unfortunately that does not always work

You can drag and drop files from a folder named

But if you create a playlist and save it in a folder other than this , then that playlist will list a folder named ? - thus spitting out an error when loading, being unable to access them]

And I bet that is not the only sign that would to that


If you use characters other than ASCII, you might have to save the playlist with UTF-8 encoding (m3u8)


I just checked Options and I did not find an option for such setting. You can specify than for Tags but nor for Playlists

So is it bug or a case for a request?


You have to use the named extension for the playlist - a feature since 2013:

[2013-07-06] REL: VERSION 2.57 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)

[2013-07-06] CHG: Added *.m3u8 to playlist save dialog filter.


But my Mp3tag be default asks me where to save- with .m3u8 added as the extension

And I loaded those playlist also to Notepad++ and checked what endocing was in these playlists- it was "UTF-8"


what do the playlists look like in Notepad++?
Can other programs like a real player open the playlist correctly?
Can other players create a playlist for that folder and can it be loaded by MP3tag?


Winamp 5.666, Media Player Classic 1.7.10, VLC 2.2.4 are not to play files from such playlist [but they can from other "normal" ones hat I use daily]

It's no wonder, as the supposed in them was replaced with ? - and the folder in which supposed files are is not named ? but

That is all there is- a simple case of Mp3tag replacing problematic sign with a question mark when the data goes out; but at the same time not having a problem with it when the data goes in

As for generating playlist with other software- the last time I did was ~15 years ago with Winamp, that is in the era before I knew I could speed up my tagging with this little piece of software called Mp3tag. And so as I do not use anything else for it, my findings about that would be lame / incomplete, as I for example I know nothing about playlists and export options of VLC


I just checked it:
If you still see the ? then you have not saved the playlist as m3u8.
Here is a m3u8 playlist:
#EXTINF:206,69 Eyes - I'm On Fire (7 Single)
◆\2004 - Sweet Nothing $Play Hard\5000 Volts ‎- I'm On Fire (7 Single) (1974)_l.mp3
#EXTINF:206,69 Eyes - Money (Radio Edit)
◆\2004 - Sweet Nothing $Play Hard\Sweet Nothing Play Hard _ 001 _ 416 5 Conspiracy Theories _ Lost Boys.mp3

and here is a plain m3u one:
#EXTINF:206,69 Eyes - I'm On Fire (7 Single)
?\2004 - Sweet Nothing $Play Hard\5000 Volts ?- I'm On Fire (7 Single) (1974)_l.mp3
#EXTINF:206,69 Eyes - Money (Radio Edit)
?\2004 - Sweet Nothing $Play Hard\Sweet Nothing Play Hard _ 001 _ 416 5 Conspiracy Theories _ Lost Boys.mp3


Your findings are correct. I repeated your test and it all checks out

So it was just me who did not see the lack of >>8<< at the end of what I was generating with Mp3tag

So the logical questions right now would be: why does Mp3tag do not automatically add that damn >>8<< at the end, thus saving the user such troubles with unusual signs? Just look how long that latter part of discussion unfolded, how much time was wasted. I bet every now and then there is some user who generates a playlist, only to stumble upon later on on the same problem- but most do not investigate but just change the "that damn buggy" software


I quite agree.
Especially as the solution was already there in

Which was the immediate answer to your irritation about