Request: Option to remove tags automatically


In Mp3tag's options, under Tags>Mpeg>Remove, I configured it to remove id3v1 and APE tags. In my line of reasoning, I would expect these tags to be removed whenever I save tags to an mp3 file. They're not, however.

Could this be made an option?


You will have to click on :mt_delete: to remove tags.


I know that. That's why I'm requesting an option for a more convenient and more intuitive behavior. If made optional, then it shouldn't alter the current behavior for those who find the existing methods to be sufficient.

If I open a file with only id3v2 tags, but have id3v1 checked in 'Write Tags', Mp3tag creates a shiny new id3v1 tag within my file. That's fine. However, the counterpart - Remove Tags - does not work similarly. If I open a file with both types of tags, and have only id3v1 checked in Remove Tags, Mp3tag does not delete the id3v1 when the file is saved. That's counter-intuitive, not to mention requiring more work to perform a simple task.

Maybe it's just me, but in general I find the 'Write Tags' and 'Remove Tags' area of the program, including the preferences, to be somewhat awkward and non-intuitive. I never had to deal with the issue until I began tagging mp3 files. IMO, a lot of this stuff should be doable in Actions - things like deleting a tag type, copying id3v2 tags to id3v1 tags, etc., rather than relying on the preferences. I realize that may not be easy given legacy behavioral expectations. But it's obviously a point of confusion for a lot of users - among the most often asked quesions are how to copy and remove tags. Maybe for 4.0 this area can be reworked completely. For now, a simple option to automatically remove unwanted tags would be great.