Request: path input box in Change Directory window



First of all, MP3Tag is well done and working great. Considering all the crapwares being available on the internet, I feel lucky to finally have found Mp3tag. I just donated a little bit. Thanks Florian (and whoever contributed to this software) for your dedicated work.

I have one request: I'd like the 'Change Directory' dialog to have an input box added where I could paste a path easily. Without this box, I have to go through the whole directory tree when switching directories Considering the fact that I often have a Windows Explorer window open in the directory I'm working on, being able to paste the directory name would be a decent time saver.

Thanks for taking this into consideration,


You can already paste the path in the directory edit field below the comment edit field.

BTW when you have the explorer open, why don't you use drag&drop or context menu to load the folder?


Oops, you're absolutly right. I managed not to notice the directory field on the left. Also I did not thought about dragging the directory. So well, both seems to solve my problem, thanks!

(PS: won't hurt adding the field to the select directory window, though)