Request: 'Remove Directory ...'

Could you include a feature in the File menu to 'Remove directory ...' please.
I'm trying to just sort out my classical (sensu latu) collection, which is organised into directories my period
If I read in my Music folder the Contemporary and Contemporary VA tracks become a pain in amongst the classical but it is a bit time-consuming adding 27 directories every time I restart.

Many thanks

To be honest, I don't quite understand the problem, I think. Do you really want to remove a folder? Or don't you want to load it?
If the latter is the case then I would like to draw your attention to the following features:
You can set MP3tag to not load sub-folders.
You can set MP3tag to start in folder that does not contain any files.
You can add files and folders to MP3tag via drag&drop from the Windows Explorer. This does not have to happen in just one go but can also be done sequentially if you hold down the Ctrl key while dropping.

You can define a playlist that loads only a limited set of folders.

Or what was your problem?

I was just going to add "or allow multiple folders to be loaded with ctrl or shift" which doesn't work for me.

I've never looked at the playlists I assume it was something to do with making *.pls for players to play playlists

I didn't realise I could drag and drop. That's loading in only the directories I want under the Music folder and not the huge Contemporary directory I don't want.
Thank you very much.

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