Request: Replace with a 2-column old/new value list

I use the $replace function often when I need to replace multiple possibilities and it works well;

$replace(%artist%,Creedence Clearwater Revival,C.C.R.,Daryl Hall & John Oates,Hall & Oates,Electric Light Orchestra,E.L.O)

However, when the list of possible values gets long, it makes it harder to read and introduces possible mistakes, copies, and missed values.

I would like to see the replace action with a list of multiple possible values to replace;

Old Value New Value
Creedence Clearwater Revival C.C.R.
Daryl Hall & John Oates Hall & Oates
Electric Light Orchestra E.L.O

Additionally it might be helpful to import a list of values from a text value in the same manner as Custom List Values on the tag panel.

I think this is what Action Groups are intended for:

You could do that creating .MTA files and place it in the Mp3tag configuration subfolder \data\actions
The first action in the above screenshot would look like this Replace Multipe Artists.mta

1=Creedence Clearwater Revival

That is a good workaround and I can move the order for if needed, however it's still a bit more work than just making/adding to a list.

This is also a good workaround, but still has a little extra overhead to just a simple list, especially if the order needs changing, which means the preceding numbers also need reordering.