Request: Save action to be re-applied if file was in use and could not be written


I use MP3TAG for quite some time now and one thing annoys me since the first day:

When I acquired some new music I usually tune into it right away. I know and understand that MP3TAG cannot (and should not) write file changes while it's in use BUT ever so often I have to manually redo commands that failed because I wasn't aware the file is in use.

My idea/request/plea for mercy: How about a button/shortcut which applies the last 3 actions to other files?! Like in Microsoft Word F4 does with most formattings. That. Would. Be. Grand.

Thank you Florian - you're a genius!


Well, that is not entirely true

You can play a MP3 file in Winamp 5.666 and manipulate its _FILENAME in Mp3tag [and in various other software]. But you cannot do it with formats like FLAC, TTA and WV

Here is a thread on redo and undo - and a couple of keyboard shortcuts: