REQUEST: sdes Tag

Hi there!

I have a request.

This is the sdes tag found in files bought from the iTunes Store. It cannot be seen in MP3TAG but when you use MediaInfo, you can see it. It is the tag where they put the season description (unlike the single descriptions found on each TV episode). To prevent confusions with MediaInfo, I saw that these are the equivalents.

desc, SUBTITLE, This is the "Description" tag in iTunes. It only allows about 255 characters. (Not sure but close.)
ldes, PODCASTDESC, This is the "Long Description" where it allows more characters than the SUBTITLE tag. This cannot be edited on iTunes.
sdes, none, This is the tag when you go to the iTunes Store, select a TV Show, you can see DESCRIPTION above the Episodes. This, somewhat gives the summary of the whole season.

I hope you understand this. Thank you.


I too would like to be able to add or edit the SDES atom
even thought iTunes 11.x doesn't show this info
but the ipad does show it, not sure if the appletv does or not

I stumbled across this text file

and then found this version that has the ability to add the SDES atom

doing a test with the above fork of atomicparsley worked as expected

also, I noticed that mp3tag doesn't even show the SDES atom even if one is there
additionally, newer versions of mediainfo don't show it either, but the older versions do

maybe the mp3tag team will add this ability in a future release?

Thank you for that, it sure worked perfectly! However, I noticed that some episodes that are not purchased from the iTunes Store display a thumbnail of the episode, which is very ugly. Had the same issue too?

Your Welcome

Is the thumbnail one that is in the file?
If so you should be able to remove it, and add one of your own
If there isn't one in the file, does adding one take care of the issue?