REQUEST: Selecting filtered results

I would like to suggest addition of some kind of a quick way for:

selecting filtered file > keeping the selection > removing the filter values > displaying the selected file [with active selection] with all the other files

Let's say I have 20 000 files and I'm doing some kind of evaluation of FILENAME [or TITLE] values; by hand. This requires from me arranging the list of all files alphabetically by clicking FILENAME [or TITLE] column and going from A to Z; that is from top to bottom. If I'm doing few hundreds at a time [day by day], then every next time I load I have to manually go down to the last evaluated file. Of course I can put the name of that file it in the filter box, but that gets me nowhere. Because what good is having only this file displayed? I need the whole list! If I select that file and clear the filter, then the only benefit from that is that file is highlighted [by the means of selection] somewhere on the list- I still have to manually go down to it. And that is because there is no way [at least that I know of] of going "out of filter" to the main window with listed files. And if I could transfer [I don't know how to put it] focus of the user from filter to the list, then I could just press arrow down or arrow up and be on just under or above that file; without having to scroll down the list. Because right now, when I selected the file I have to clear the filter; and the pressing of arrow down or arrow up just puts some old filter value from my history of searches [because input line is in the filter box]

There is a workaround: I could such filtered AND selected file simply tag in some made up field as "!THIS IS IT!" or whatever AND then clear the filter box AND then arrange all the files by this made up field AND then select the "!THIS IS IT!" file AND then arrange all the files it by clicking FILENAME [or TITLE] AND the press arrow down or up AND then wipe the "!THIS IS IT!" marker out one way or another; but do you see how many ANDs that is?