REQUEST: Show more than 265 characters in a tag field

Very rarely I get values in tag fields than have more than 265 characters. And so to actually see them I have to click a given field, and not just expand the column and scroll to it; which is not use friendly if you are manually comparing long values trying to find something]

As I remember correctly, something like 2 years ago I already bragged about this- but in regards to actions. I do not remember on what grounds was the [if I recall correctly] the negative reaction given to my findings; but maybe tag fields could be extended, as they are something different than actions?

I think that there is no 265-characters limit.
Also, if you refer to an old discussion, could you spend the effort and offer a link to it?
Could it be this one?

Actually, I think there is no limit as e.g. UNSYNCEDLYRICS may almost have as many characters as it likes.
There may be a limit in respect to the total tag size...

For long texts it is advisable to use the extended tags dialogue.

If I had not took the effort [because of my supposed laziness], I would have not evoked it in the first place, so that it would not made me look as a lazy person

[I may have messed up the grammar in this one]

That's it

As in [those old] regards to actions, they are still not displayed fully, if they happen to be too long

As for [my new] regards to tag fields, they are cut with


indicator [something that should be also used in actions]

For example if I put these lyrics to a tag field

Instead of the full text I will see

And so I will have to click that field and get access to the edit mode of it, in order to see the whole content it holds