REQUEST: _ sign in actions sub-lists removal

When you create action sub-list by using multiple actions that start the same, like for example

TEMPO #& fast
TEMPO #& mediocre
TEMPO #& slowyou will get a list that looks like this [after hovering over the TEMPO group]
_ fast
_ mediocre
_ slow

So my question is, why is there this >>_<< sign? Why can't I choose how such a list should look, by choosing that first sign [or not choosing any]?

And I can't even make a completely straight line with a

TEMPO #&________[for the purpose of separating some sections]

because that first obligatory one is will be a pixel above those added by me

You make think that this is nothing to be bothered with [it's just one pixel / sign], but I have dozens of actions and a few long and wide sub-lists; which I had to make more graphical in appearance [to speed up my workflow and to eliminate possibility of making errors]

In Menus and other Windows GUI elements, the ampersand & is the indicator for a shortcut key (Alt+).
Sorry, it is a Windows reserved character.

It is the task of a Programmer to distribute the &-characters among the elements of one GUI-item (e.g. Menu, dialogue) so that each shortcut is unique.
If you have the same shortcut several times, you have to press the Atl- combination several times.

But what does this
issue that you speak of have to do with a
showing up at the beginning of each sub-listed action?

There should be none of such indicator of a separate entry, because when you hoover over them that get highlighted anyhow, so you know in what line you are. And if there are many entries [sub-listed actions] that for whatever reason need to be separated, then the user can add fake action [that simply does nothing] in form of lines for example

But when combined, they just look bad

What for do we need to see all those single "_" at all?

If you look at the first code box in this thread

TEMPO #& fast
TEMPO #& mediocre
TEMPO #& slow

then you see that you use 2 meta characters in the names of your actions:
the # to create submenus
the & to create keyboard shortcuts.

The Windows convention is to underline keyboard shortcuts in strings.
As you as the creater have supplied a space character behind the &, the space character gets underlined ... and looks like an underscore.
I can see no fault.
If you modify the names of your actions to

TEMPO#+ &fast
TEMPO#+ &mediocre
TEMPO#+ &slow

You would get the f, m and s underlined and they would serve as a keyboard shortcut.

Now I get it. I just did not understand you

So, I have simply some renaming to do

And how on earth I got a notion that I need both

#&to create a group, I don't know

Are the more options for groups? I do not see in a mentioning of


See e.g. here: /t/12183/1

Thank you, that gives me some options, although I hoped I was missing some more features from Actions