Request: Sort by column


First of all, thanks again for a great product.

I just have one request at the moment.

When i am tagging my audio books i have got most of my tagging changes automated into one action. However before i number the files with %_counter% i have to stop to make sure my files are sorted by file.

What i would like is an action i can add that sorts by a specific column so i can add it the list of actions i perform.

if you would consider this and decide if it is worthwhile that would be great.



I am going to bump this. Any response would be greatly appriciated. Even a 'That is the most idiotic idea i have heard' would be valuable feedback as i would know where i stand. Thanks again.


Well, why don't you simply sort before running the action and editing the tags? I doubt such an action would be useful for many people and therefore most likely won't be implemented.