Request - Tag-Filename and other buttons

When we click the icons on the menu, such as Tag-Filename or Filename-Tag the field where the action is highlighted. I would like the OK button to be highlighted. This would make things run much faster as I could click the icon and press the space bar and the action is done. As it is, I click the icon and then move the mouse to find the OK button. Normally, we use the same action like Tag-Filename with Artist - Title or however you name your files.

Just wanted to say I appreciate all the work that has gone into making and maintaining this program. I am getting older and get proficient with this program, then don't use it for a while and end up back at square one. So, I also appreciate the moderators and the others that help answer questions.

If you use the Enter key instead of the space bar, you would get the function that you are looking for.