[Request] Use Wikipedia as Tag Source

Hi again,

Recently I have been using Wikipedia more and more to check track listings as Amazon can have some weird formatting sometimes.
I was just wondering if it was possible to automate this process using the "Tag Sources" command - perhaps you could add support for it?

Many thanks,
Panda :laughing:

Have you tried musicbrainz or discogs?

Well "Discogs" is already an option with the version of Mp3tag I am using. I personally have found it to be quite unreliable, along with the "freedb" option, so I generally stick with the "amazon.com" option.

I found three differant scripts for Discogs in that forum:
/t/1992/1 by dano
/t/4346/1 by Ydope
/t/6191/1 by dano

I take it that the bottom one is the most recent / the best?
I also noticed a last.fm script which I like the look of - another site I use a lot.

I will try out the MusicBrainz script by Zeef which you so kindly mentioned and see what that is like.

All the same, I think a Wikipedia Web Source Script would be awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for getting back to me dano...

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for the Musicbrainz script suggestion, it works very well.

There are still the odd bands which are not to be found anywhere other than Wikipedia, so I guess until someone manages to make a script for Wikipedia then I will be doing it by hand :stuck_out_tongue:


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