[Request] User Toolbar Icons

I have created a couple of Actions, which require clicking on the "Actions" menu item and then selecting the desired action item.

I think it would be a great addition to allow user icons on the toolbar that wold be linked to the action item.

Oh, presently the working dialog box says "Applying action to files". It would be more informative to insert the action's name, such as "Applying Plus Cover to files".


Couldn't you have added your contribution to one of the many threads circling around the topic of a user-defined toolbar, e.g. this one:

I thought that adding to a four year old thread was bad form.

Perhaps I was mistaken.

So you are telling me to copy/paste my question into that thread?

I can do that if it pleases you.

Thanks for your expert guidance.

I referred to the forum guide lines

which kindly ask you to
" Also make sure, you're using the search feature or simply browse through the categories — there are so many questions answered already"
and if you think that a four year old thread is too young, have a look at this one from 2005:

So, this idea has been around for quite a while and you see what has happened in the meantime.