Reserving room for cover art in flac files


I use dbpoweramp to rip to flac, and I can include cover art from AMG music. But I prefer album art from amazon because it is higher quality--AMG allows up to 250x250 pixels, but the files sizes are typically less than 10KB, indicating high compression levels.

DBpoweramp allows me to include only as much as 32KB padding in the flac tags and amazon cover art can exceed 50KB. So I have been including the AMG cover art in my ripped files so as to reserve additional space for the amazon art later. (I use albumartaggregator to gather cover art in batches). But it has occurred to me that this might not be an effective strategy, as it assumes particular answers to the following three questions.

  1. Does adding padding to flac tags create room for cover art as well as ordinary tags?
  2. If I use mp3tag to remove existing cover art, is the space reserved for me to later import another cover art file?
  3. Is cover art saved as a jpg file in the flac file?

Answers to these questions would be much appreciated.


  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. If the cover is a jpg file it's saved as jpg. If it is a png file, it's saved as png.
    The whole cover just gets copied in the tag without a change.