Reset Output Buffer

I am trying to reset the Output puffer, but it doesn't work pretty with the command set.

First i will set the outputpuffer:
outputto "artist"
say "artist"

later i must set (if fields exists) reset the output for non VA-mode.
Then the Artists must be listed in the "Tracklist"

if "not VA"
set "artist" (This Command resets the content)
outputto "artist"
say "artistfortrack"
say "|"

In the result window i get Artist|Artist|Artist in the artist editbox. (There are not in the Gridview, but the tracks are in it line by line)
When i comment out the first outputto then the artists in the gridview.

Thx 4 help

ok, i have fixed the problem otherwise. :wink: But i think i must speak with the dev team. :wink: