Resize cover art

Is there a way to resize imported cover art in MP3Tag before saving as "folder.jpg? Or do i need a plugin of some kind? If i need a plugin could you recommend one.

No, this is not possible within Mp3tag.

OK, Thanx Florian...maybe in the wishlist then :slight_smile:
This would be a great function as im running all my mp3s in windows MCE 2005 and it gets really slow if the cover art is too big.

Hmmm... I was just browsing around for something like this. I was wondering if it was possible to resize art before saving to tag, using a pre-defined size. Most of my album art is over 500x500 but won't display in certain mp3 players because it's too big, and it would take forever for me to manually resize 1000's of pix. Example: when you'd go to save your 500x500 folder.jpg to the tag, it would embed as 175x175. Oh well, maybe in the future...

You can use external tools like ImageMagick for batch-processing of your cover art. Have a look for the command "mogrify".

But you are right: A resize function inside Mp3Tag would be great and safe a lot of time.
It would be helpfull too, if we could rename the covers before saving with something like %artist% - %album%. :rolleyes:

That will be great!!!

i have found this:

Just for those finding this thread thanks to Google:

Mp3tag offers a resize function since version v3.01 (released 2020-02-07).

Max. Size is the maximum width and height in pixels of the embedded cover image.

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