Resizing cover art displayed

Because I did not find an option I prefer to include it as a suggestion. I would like to be able to resize the displayed cover art, now it is taking 1/3 of my mp3tag and usually, I keep hidden the lyrics ("Letra") field but now I see it because if I want to see the whole cover art I have to resize the tracklist field.

Can you try the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.88h?

It is a better option, that is for sure, but:

  1. I can not resize the cover;
  2. When I try to resize the tracklist field all the fields; TITLE, ARTIST, etc. are automatically reorganized. So if I want to hide the lyrics field (as in the picture above) it will move it to the right hiding the cover instead. I would like to be able to reorganize it myself.

That said this is the closest solution so thanks I will be using this one.

  1. The cover is resized depending on the Tag Panel height.
  2. You'd need to use manual column breaks by adding a special field _SEPARATOR at "Options > Tag Panel'. I guess it's after "Comentario" in your configuration.

Thanks, now I can have the Lyrics field hidden.

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You may already know that you can hide every Tag panel field in
Tools -> Options -> Tag panel:
Deselect (remove the checked mark for) all the fields on the right side you want to hide.

When I say hidden I mean covered but able to see it if I resize the bar that separates the tracklist from the top panel. Thanks anyway.

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