[RESOLVED] Missing Tag Informations (Mp3tag 32.85 + Windows 10 FCU)


I have a problem with mp3tag 2.85 and Windows 10 FCU x64.

I can see missing informations in mp3tag (track number, year etc).

For exemple the album (flac files) year i can read in Tagscanner or dbpoweramp tag tools is 207-10-13 and if I watch in mp3tag 2.85 there is nothing. I have same problem with track number and cd number.

The Tag option "ape,mpc" options is all checked.

Do you know why ?

Regarding FLAC files you do not need to configure "Ape, Mpc ...", do not touch it.

See dialog "Mp3tag Options/Tags", "Restrict incoming files to:", there is a list of file extensions, which Mp3tag will load.
Make sure to have there also an entry with the filemask: *.flac;

Make sure that the "View/Filter" [F3] is not active.

Attached is a zip package, having one flac test file, Mp3tag can load it.
test.flac.zip (370 Bytes)


test.flac.zip (370 Bytes)

Thanks for your answer.

*.flac already in the "restrict incoming files to" and I disable "View filter" but the problem is always here.

With your flac files i have this "see the attach picture"

Ok, because Mp3tag can display the given simple flac test file, it should load other flac files and display in the Mp3tag listview.


I try to restore a profil save and it's working fine now (certainly the mapping) ! :smiley: