Respect repeated track in playlist

Please can Mp3tag be made to respect repeated tracks in a loaded playlist? Currently it deletes any repeat, which is a real PITA for my lists having a special gap track....


PS I requested this previously seven years ago at Playlist fix . Since that topic is mysteriously locked, I hope this request is not one that causes offence.

It would be interesting to see what the side-effects are if you have several occurrances of the same file in the files list.
Any update would have to be carried out in each of the copies more or less simultaneously. I do not dare to dream of the complications.
Also: what should the sorting look like, if you care to arrange the files by other criteria.
And so on.

No problem there. That happens fine in other programs e.g. MediaMonkey, JRiver Media Center.

No different to what it would look like if the rows were separate files.