Restore Artwork from backup?

So - looks like with the help of Florian, I've fixed my disappearing artwork issue. :pray:

Now - is there a way to restore artwork from a back-up drive? That is - can MP3Tag search on artist & title in a specified folder, and copy artwork from the backed-up file to the current file?

Otherwise, It'll be a case overwriting all of the files with missing artwork from my archive drive... Rather not do this, because it would mean losing some of my more recently added text/tags.

I'd export the cover-art via an action Export cover to file and import it via an action Import cover from file.

Ideally, you the list of files you export from is identical to the list of files you import to and you make sure that you're using a formatstring that produces a unique filename for the exported files.

My hero! :+1:

Worked absolutely perfectly.

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