Restore "Bug" Feature

I have been using your software for a few years and it is superb, the best around, i have however stopped updating to the latest versions as in v2.66 you fixed a bug which i actually liked, i was wondering if you could include this "bug" as an user changeable option in newer versions.

The bug in question was described inyour release notes as "FIX: MP4 codec field for encoder settings was not preserved when writing tags."

I do not want any encoder settings stored in my tags so this "bug" was very helpful to me. I understand that most people maybe want to keep this data stored in their tags, but is it possible to allow users to chose?

Can't you delete the field yourself? That would be user-defined.

No, when i updated to v2.66 i cannot remove the encoding settings tag/field. I encode my cd's to flac and then encode them to m4a to put onto my ipod, when i encode them to m4a the encoder tool used and the quality settings are stored in the file, in v2.65 as soon as i make a change to any of teh fields in the tag, the encoding settings were automatically lost, a bug yes, but one i liked.

I installed v2.73 today to see how the latest version worked and it is the same as every version since v2.66.

I have included screengrabs from mediainfo to show the difference between version 2.65 & the rest.

Version 2.65 - Encoding Settings none existant

Version 2.73 - Encoding Settings listed

I appreciate for most this is a non issue, but i was just hoping that some sort of option could be put inplace to allow the user to drop this info from the file as was happening by accident in v2.65 and previous.