Restore main window

Hi i got a problem and this is what the problem is below so yeah is there a way to fix this issue below?
Also, it will be great if you provide a video since reading ain't my best to do things.

You have not loaded any files - that is what the status bar tells us.
Go to File>Change Directory (Ctrl-D)
open a folder that hold supported files and open it.

But I can't see the original page

Do you mean the tag panel?
Press Ctrl-Q or go to View>Tag-Panel and open it

is that what is it called? Because I just want to see the back the page when you open the and see where you can add the album art and all etc

Grab it at the top divider with the mouse, move the mouse while you keep the mouse button pressed.
You should see a rectangle right now.
Now move that rectangle into the area of the menu bar until it becomes a horziontal bar.
Then release the mouse button

Hey um I think I just want everything by default if this the correct wording

Go to File>Open configuration folder
Close MP3tag.
In the explorer window delete mp3tag.cfg
Start MP3tag again.

This method really resets everything to shipping state.
Also, all format strings or Converter strings will be lost.

well um, i got mine through windows microsoft store app not traditional downloading so any tips for this?

See the new online help:

hmm i think i got it back to the normal look somewhat so thanks for the help

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