Restore Settings - Expressions fubar

Lenovo M91p 7033
[1] Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 21 path="C:"
[2] external SATA HDD attached via USB, a Win 10 Home sys which can also run here. This is where my media files are located. path="G:"

I don't know if this is really a "bug". [EDIT] changed category. definitely not a bug!

Thought you might be interested to see this. Booted into [1]. Listening to music, decided to fix some tags. This is newly purchased, refurbished system and doesn't have much fun software on it yet. So, I started mp3tag from the "G:\Program Files" folder because I have it setup on there as a portable install. must import settings! shutdown mp3tag.

Extracted the .zip file into my C:%appdata%..\mp3tag folder.

Start mp3tag after extraction complete, overwrite existing files.



I suspect it will "fix itself", maybe even the next time it's started. Slightly unusual environment for the app to run, but I am happy to assist / answer any questions you might have.

Best regards!

[EDIT]: I just realized the version number. I don't understand why. i thought i had the latest installed on that G:\Drive\ (when i was running it here as "C:\boot"). Apologies. I also have it installed on another partition on that same HDD, which might be that version. I used an app called Launchy to run it. So, i probably clicked the wrong path. Still interesting... :wink:

If you really install MP3Tag as portable to restore your settings you have nothing to do with the %appdata%-Path. A portable installation stores it's settinbgs in the folder of the program.

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You're right. I've got that all messed up. Well, that's embarrassing.


Actually, I think I recall that happening on first run of mp3tag after importing settings in the past, in that old version. Reason for posting is just in case any info from this end would be useful for the developer. I do intend to install Mp3Tag latest version on this system. Merely wanted to share the record. And will gladly post results of a new, std install on C:\ if desired. I highly doubt i will continue to experience any issues.

In testing performance on 2nd launch: same. I did confirm, the binaries are from 2013.


Btw, I notice you use the tag panel in a horizontal layout but are using an older version of Mp3Tag. There were big improvements to the horizontal layout as of v2.89 onward that are definitely worth checking out (see my GIFs of it in action here).

It allows (if desired) for tag columns to flow into more columns to fill up the empty space, making more fields visible at once. Additionally narrower, space-saving fields are now available, useful for shorter tags.

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Also, just generally, something that can be a gotcha if utilizing portable versions of programs locally is adding them to the default Program Files (x86) and Program Files directories, since those locations have stricter write permissions and depending on the program can prevent necessary files from being written to if added there in a portable manner.

Not familiar with how Mp3Tag handles it, might be fine in its case.

Becomes useful to add portable programs to a new directory that doesn't have restrictive write permissions, such as eg: C:\Portable\. Been doing so for years and there's less potential for headaches :slight_smile:

Edit: didn't notice it was installed to G:\ drive not C:\ in which case it might already be a custom directory that's just named identically to the system drive version and wouldn't have the same write restrictions.

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