Restoring Original "File Created" Timestamp

Last year, I had to move everything onto an external hard drive and ended up re-installing windows. I noticed a difference under "last modified" but for some reason I think I had the "Do not change file date/time when saving" option UNselected when continuing to use mp3 Tag. Which means I believe mp3 tag overwrote new data in the %file create date% field.

Anyone know a way around this? As a DJ, It is annoying going through my recordings and not knowing when they were recorded. I also hate not knowing when I first downloaded a song which helps me figure out what year some songs were introduced. Thanks!

AFAIK you either have the option to keep the current timestamp or to update it (see File>Options>Tags).
There is no way in MP3tag to set any of the file dates to a user-defined date. You would have to use an external application like "touch".

As user 'ohrenkino' already said in post #2, ...
Mp3tag can read and restore the given modification datetime of a file (... adjustable, see Options/Tags).
Mp3tag is not able to modify the creation datetime of a file.

Such content names or Mp3tag variables, ...
%_file_create_date, %_file_create_datetime%, %_file_create_datetime_raw%, ...
%_file_mod_date%, %_file_mod_datetime%, %_file_mod_datetime_raw%, ...
are read-only technical info fields, they cannot be changed by the user.

But you are free to store the creation datetime of a file into a user defined tag-field, for example ...
Action: Format value
Formatstring: %_file_create_datetime%