Resume support for windows XP

Resume support for windows XP, at least for audio files, even without network functions. :disappointed_relieved:

This is unfortunately not going to happen. Mp3tag v3.05 available from mp3tagv305setup.exe is the last version of Mp3tag for Windows XP (and Windows Vista).

But why,
can you describe it in more detail?

As far as I know it is not very difficult.
For example the chinese release chrome which runs on Windows xp, which is much more complicated than your program.
Do you really need features that the xp kernel doesn't support that much?
You could release a version for Windows xp for example once every certain time (less often than your main versions), for example once a year.

Or is it your personal decision and not a technical problem and you just don't want to ?

But please don't write that Windows xp is old, unsupported, unsafe and other horrors which intimidate naive users. (I know all this) :slight_smile:

I like your program very much and I am using it for many years.

You are free to use the version that was indicated to you above. You are using a much older OS that even Microsoft no longer supports. Why would the mp3tag developer want to stay in the past?

I could also think that keeping a test environment alive for which there is hardly any further support causes problems. It is more or less impossible to get XP drivers for uptodate hardware like motherboards. And what is the benefit of a program that needs network access but does not get it as the LAN driver is not available.

Further information about what changed sind v 3.0.5 and now can be found in the changelog.
There you can answer for yourself how many features may be kernel related and which aren't - even though this is not the solution. Fact is today: use

you're not an software developer, aren't you?
You have no idea how much application depends on opperating system environment.

Supporting old OS will make many things much more complicate,many hacks are needed to keep it running.
Supporting old OS will prohibit new features in some cases.

Sometimes an code branch is needed (sometimes just partly by compiler switch),
cause of that work for development and testing will duplicate, anything will get more complicate.

Windows XP is out of support since many years. It's a good plan to cut off XP support for future development.


PS: "As far as I know it is not very difficult" ----> LOOL that's an typical USER statement, sorry.
it's like
"there can't be much broken on my tv, yesterday it was still working "

I have all the drivers I need. I don't need the networking features at all.
I will never use versions of Windows 8+ as a matter of principle.

I was not referring to you but to the test environment that has to be kept alive on the development side. And there, as it happens, the necessity to get replacement hardware for old, non-functioning poses exactly this problem: you don't get it running in full swing for XP.
And that would also mean that - as an example - it would be impossible to test the network access via web source scripts.
So, there is a reason which is not equal to laziness.
On the other hand: which feature from the more recent versions would you need in your XP version?

I won’t argue the reason or cause for your principle, but if you apply the same logic you should also never need to update your version of mp3tag. :yum:


I'm fine with what I have but it's a pity the author decided to drop support for xp. . :frowning:
I use it mainly to work with audio files.
Maybe some bug fixes, maybe an improvement of the video files.
Some small things (ideas) which even wanted to write to the author but now it does not make much sense. :frowning:
So version 305 itself works stable on xp.

Some day your hardware will die...
I recommend you to switch to Ubuntu or Linux Mint.
BUT on new hardware. Linux need mostly same RAM, Processor, Harddrive Speed if you're running an full desktop OS. (SSD highly recommended for boot device!!! Music can be stored on mechanical drive)
MP3Tag is running on Wine.


Exactly. As soon as the PC gets older than 10 years it is very likely that the electrolytic capacitors have dried out and will blow the next time you switch on the PC. With the magic smoke leaving the machine, the days of XP will be over.

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