Retagging for iPods

Hiya, 2 things:

[1] How can I create a script or action to retag my collection based on existing tags?
I want:

%title% = %track% %title%
%album% = %year% %album%

I store my files as so:

%artist% -- %year% -- %album%/%track% %title%.ext

If I use "%artist% -- %album%\%title%" in the "Filename - Tag" convertion section, I can achieve this fairly easily, however there are cases where the %year% and %title% in the folder / filename, doesn't match the %year% and %title% fields in the tags exactly, and I'd prefer the tag versions... I.E. :

folder / filename:
Atmosphere -- 2005.10.04 -- Live in London, UK/01 Bjork Does Disco.flac

But in tags, the year is "2005" and the title is "Björk Does Disco" (Notice the "ö")...

[2] Is there an easy way to remove the "/Y" of the %track% field? (If %track% = X/Y, where "Y" is the total of tracks in an album and "X" is the actual track number)... I want to remove this across my entire collection in one action, not on an album per album basis...

Thanks in advance!


Share your custom Actions

That's so simple, thanks! Solves my first problem...

Is it possible to batch remove the latter part of the track number so "01/12" would appear only as "01"? I don't want to use the numbering wizard, because I have some albums with missing tracks and want to keep the correct track numbers...

That's the content of the second link.
Although it can be a little shorter: $if(%track%,$num(%track%,2),)

Ah yes, I see now... The post didn't specifically mention that bit, but it does actually work... Thanks!