Retrieve Album Name From The Internet

Hi guys, i am using this awesome software, but i don't know how to retrieve the album name from the Internet.. which script should i use and how? i have all my songs listed as follows:

  • file name: artist + song name (for example gary moore - still got the blues)
  • artist: artist

How can i retrieve the album starting from the data i have?


For a start you could apply the converter Filename - Tag and import also the title tag. Use a mask like
%artist% - %title%
if your file names correspond to the one you gave as an example.

For the further proceedings I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and tears.
Even for the example track you gave there are at least 3 albums by that artist on which that track can be found. Not to count the various samplers and compilations.
For a start you simply copy all titles into the album tag as if you had nothing but singles ... For those that are not singles ... guess?