Retrieve tag from another file

Hi All

I was wondering if it was possible to easily retrieve a tag from another file.

For example if A.FLAC had a tag "RATING = 1", and I wanted B.FLAC to be able to have that same rating as A.FLAC. How would I do it?

I've had a look through the forums without success.

I've also tried things like this without success:

Selecting "B.FLAC"


and choosing:


Format String: $filename("A.FLAC" %RATING%)

Is it possible to do this? Or do I need to export the A.FLAC info and reimport it to B.FLAC?



You can copy all tags from one file to the other with the function "Copy tag" and "Paste tag".
It is not possible to select individual fields for this function.

And to be honest: I do not see any benefit. Instead of fiddling around with actions, it would be much easier to select all files and then type in the value for the field.
If you do that more frequently, it may be worthwhile to create a control in the tag panel. In this you usually have a dropdown list where you can select from the existing values or enter one manually.

Thanks ohrenkino.

I should have given a bit more detail about what I'm trying to do.

I've got about 10,000 files in FLAC format which I also have mirrored in Apple Lossless (M4A) format. So 20,000 files in total.

If I use squeezebox to assign a rating to a track in FLAC then I also want to have the equivalent Apple Lossless file be given the same rating.


If Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer.flac has a rating of 3; then I want Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer.m4a to be given that same rating.

I hoped that I could simply have an Action > Format Value which went something like this (in pseudo code):

If File is a M4a then
if the FLAC equivalent of that file's rating <> 0 then the M4A file's rating = the FLAC file's rating.
End if

As an example:

If "Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer.flac"'s Rating <> 0 then "Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer.m4a"'s rating = "Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer.flac"'s Rating

Given that the file name is always going to be the same (but just a different file type) I thought I could use some basic string manipulation functions (e.g. convert a .m4a filename to a .flac file name by subtracting 3 characters from the length of the string and add "flac") to look up the relevant file's rating.

Is this possible? Or do I have to use a script? If so, I've never done a script before - how would I do it?



Many ways lead to Rome. :wink:

Ther easiest way would be to load both files or collection of files, the flac ones and the mirrored ones, into MP3tag at the same time.
Sort them in such a way that the ones wit rating are grouped together and the ones without. Also make sure that both groups have the same inner sequence.
Then select all the ones with rating and copy the tags. Then select the ones without and paste the tags.
This is the easy, local way.

Also, there is the possibiliy to export filename and field to a text file.
You then edit the exported text file and replace the file extension from flac to the other.
Then load the files without rating and select them
Now use the Converter Text file - Tag.
This should put the exported data into the named files.