Retry a file operation


I like this software. I've been using it for a long time. It's great, believe me. The best.

Only one thing... maybe two.

I use XYplorer. It's another great software every window user should at least take a look at. Unfortunately I sometimes preview mp3 tracks in XYplorer, because i don't have to open another software to play a track, and I forget about that when I switch to mp3-tag to check the tags. As an example: when I want to change the cover for all the tracks and have one of them highlighted in XYplorer I get an error the file cannot be accessed. (The same happens of course with any other software accessing the files at the same time) It would be great if mp3-tag would give me the option to retry the operation. I could go to the other software, uncheck the file, go back to mp3-tag, hit retry and have the operation finish without leaving some of the files with old covers behind.

Thanks for reading.

Best, Dieterdost

What an overlap! :smiley: I was just thinking about it, too.

My usual situation is because of pausing song in foobar, and trying save tags in Mp3tag. Pausing is a frequent case, when I compare it with some other song in Youtube.

Total Commander has, for example, the suggested "Retry" button, and it is very comfortable.


I have this file access error problem for completely unknown reasons (perhaps 1 in 3-5,000 disc writes, usually a very rare network error), but there are two very small enhancements that would be EXTREMELY helpful in dealing with it.

  1. An option to "CONTINUE" instead of asking, after an error writing to a file. For very large updates, it can take 5-10 minutes over the LAN to update 10,000 files. If an error occurs, mp3Tag pauses and waits for an OK. Ideally, the program might (optionally) pause for a specified time, and then continue automatically, but the next suggestion would make that less important . . .

  2. DE-SELECT all lines where an error occurred. When a large selection has finished being written to disc, it remains selected, so one could just DEL the selection and all the files with errors would remain. This would be tremendously helpful in tracking down what the errors were. With a very large copy operation, especially if mp3Tag could run attended, this would be a vital feature.

If only #2 could be implemented, I'd be very happy. This program has been SO useful over the years that I try to donate annually.

Thanks in advance,


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