Reversed File Order in main file window (v2.37f)

Hi all
I'm using v2.37f cos I like the cover art mods so im not sure if this is the correct forum?

anyway Ive been using it ok for about a week but today after a couple of hours use I changed directories and found the files in the file window had changed from being displayed with the lowest number at the top to the highest number at the top. I checked that the track tag number matched the number given in the file name and it did.
I continued to freedb found the album, applied the tag changes and of course found the tag info did not match the actual track due to the reverse order.

A quick check confirmed that files in all directories were being displayed in reverse order, restarting and rebooting made no difference and a search of the forums came up blank.

Is it something I have changed. should I reinstall?

any help is appreciated

I re-installed MP3 tag (v2.37f) and that sorted it out. maybe i did alter some configuration setting without realising?


Well the sort order can be changed by clicking on the column headers.