Rewriting stripped tag info from filename & location

Hi, all
a shitty 3rd party software I cannot avoid using is stripping the metadata from a lot (but not all) of my files and I want to know if it's possible to re-write the stripped fields based on where they are located and their file name
E:\Labels\Rekids\2021-01-29 - Immortal Daydream\04. Alan Fitzpatrick - The Underdog.aiff
from the above, I can gather the following
Label (Rekids)
Year (2021-01-29)
Album (Immortal Daydream)
Number (04)
Artist (Alan Fitzpatrick)
Title (The Underdog)

Is there a way of doing this?

Thanks in advance

Create an action using GUESS VALUE. The source should be PATH and the guessing pattern is

E:\Labels\%publisher%\%YEAR% - %album%\%track%. %artist% - %title%.mp3

There is no field for label, so I suggest publisher, but you can also use the comment or grouping field.

If the E:\Labels part of the path isn't static, you can use something like

%dummy1%\%dummy2%\%publisher%\%YEAR% - %album%\%track%. %artist% - %title%.mp3

Fantastic! Thanks, I'll give it a crack

There should be a slash between %publisher% and %year%.

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Is there a similar way I can introduce a file's catalogue number from its path?
Path example
*\ANJ022R Super8 - Alba (Maor Levi Remix)\file
Catalogue field

There is not a %catalogue% field, but you could use a guessing pattern to pick it up and put it into whatever field you want.

According to
you could use CATALOGNUMBER
or you follow this

As @jewahe already told you, there is no standard field for CATALOG in ID3v2.3 or v2.4
It depends on your playing software, if it reads your choosen tag for the catalog content.

The Discogs Tag Source uses CATALOGID if you're already using that. To actually do that from the example, you'd the converter "Filename - Tag" with a formatstring like


Please note (also @jewahe), that there is no %dummy1% or %dummy2% field. You can reuse the %dummy% field for every part you want to ignore during import.

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Many thanks to all that have helped

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