[RFE] Default focus in the add/edit field dialog

In the Tags... dialog, when you click the Add tag button, or select a tag and click the Edit tag button, default focus in the new dialog box rests on the Cancel button.

Make the program just another little bit quicker to use

In case of New Tag, put default focus on the Field... Combox
In case of Edit Tag, put default focus on the Value Textfield

(Forth post, third RFE. Sorry for being such a pain in the ass :astonished:. I do think different RFE's should be in different posts though. :unsure:)


good suggestion - I'll add this to my internal wish list and I'm sure that this change will be available at one of the next Development Builds :rolleyes:

Your RFEs are very clear and I really like it, if someone thinks about their posts and splits mutliple suggestions into different posts :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian