[RFE] don't misuse options as program tools

(upfront: Florian, please don't take this critique personally but as constructive feedback. I have experience with quite a few tag editors and yours is undoubtedly the most versatile and powerful. One of its drawbacks, however, is described as follows:)

problem: The program options should not be misused as program tools. Options are what they are: options. They serve to adapt the program to the users' needs on a long-term basis and should ideally be a set-once-then-forget thing. While some options might admittedly be changed once in a while for exceptional operations or to reflect a change in the user's general needs, options are clearly not intended for everyday work. IMO, it is a poor design choice and program structure/logic ("Programmaufbau") if the user always has to go back and forth between the program options and the main GUI during the course of his/her work with the program. I am particularly thinking of how the user has to repeatedly change options for read/write/delete operations of ID3v1/v2 tags. These are operations and call for program tools, not options. For this reason, ...

solution: ... these options should be discarded and replaced by program tools.

The only option that I regularly change is 'Preserve file modification time'. The worst part is having to go into the program options just to see the current setting. I allow the time to be updated on audio files that I've just ripped and are new to the library, but I preserve modification times when editing files that have been in the library. So I'm constantly changing this setting. Instead of being in the options (or in addition to), it should be implemented as a two state button in the main user interface that can be toggled back and forth and so that the current setting can be easily identified by the look of the button.

I seldom have any reason to change the Read/Write/Remove options for Mpeg tags. Only occasionally, if I'm experimenting, otherwise I want all Mp3 files in my library to have exactly the same type of tags. I would venture that this is how nearly everyone use Mp3tag.

Still, I do agree to some extent. Mp3tag's methods for removing tags has always struck me as being primitive, awkward and error-prone. A simple Action that can remove a desired tag type would be much more useful.

Related... One thing that I think is long overdue in Mp3tag is a configurable button bar. If a configurable button bar were implemented, then I could easily see having buttons or controls for certain program options that the user could add to the bar. For instance, in your case, a drop-down list for the type of ID3v2 tag to write to Mpeg files.

Just throwing in my support: I, too, keep running into the tag removal issue. Sometimes I want to remove all tags, and sometimes I want to just remove ID3v1 tags. I never remember what's been set in the options, so even if I've got them set correctly, I still end up having to go look to be sure. (Although I admit, ctrl-Z is always there to rescue me if I guess wrong)