[RFE] don't use CTRL+R for removing tags

suggestion: Please DON'T use CTLR+R for deleting tags by default, because many applications use this shortcut for Reload/Refresh.

When the user is used to it, he/she is bound to accidentally delete tags.

Now, there is a confirmation dialogue before deleting a tag, so this is good, but it is still annoying to deal with unrequested pop-up windows (plus, who among us has never accidentally clicked on "yes" instead of "no"?).

solution: Define a different shortcut for deleting, e.g. ALT+del (german: "entf") as the DEL key is unambigously reserved for deletion.
Or - even better - make shortcuts user-customizable

(so that those who love CTRL+R can keep it and others don't have to fear to accidentally delete tags).

Wich program are you used to that uses Ctrl+R ?

I'm used to F5 for refreshing. That's pretty mmuch de facto for windows applications and also most web browsers.

I only know about one rare occasion I know where Ctrl+W is used to refresh.

CTRL+R also is the de facto Windows standard for Reload/Refresh.

  • Mozilla Firefox (reload)
  • Opera (reload)
  • Google Chrome (reload)
  • Safari (reload)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (reload)
  • pretty much every Internet browser out there (reload)
  • Microsoft Windows Explorer (reload)
  • VLC player (save!)
  • Thunderbird (reply)
  • Total Commander (reload)
  • Tag&Rename (refresh file list: CTRL+R, refresh folders: CTRL+ALT+R)
  • Apple based programs use Ctrl+R to reload (according to "ohrenkino")
  • MS Word (right-justifies paragraph)
  • MS powerpoint (right-justifies paragraph)
  • Linux (open command editor)
  • ...
actually, I have many programs which use CTRL+R for vital operations. On the other hand - aside from Mp3Tag - I don't have a single program which uses such a general purpose shortcut for deleting files. Most use the del key ("entf"), often in combination with modifier keys for safety purposes. Why using a letter which can mean anything to any program, when there is a dedicated key reserved for deletion tasks?

I doubt that.
In MS Word and MS powerpoint Ctrl-R puts a paragraph to right-justified. No reload, no delete.
MS Outlook uses F9 to requery/reload the mail server and does not know Ctrl-R.
Adobe Framemaker uses Ctrl-L to refresh a screen.
The collection of programs which use Ctrl-R looks to me like a set of programs that deals with files (HTML pages are also files in that respect)
In Linux Ctrl-R seems to open a command editor.
A Google search BTW only presents browsers and Apple based programs to use Ctrl-R to reload.
So I seriously doubt that this is really a standard.
It would be a standard, if this operation was part of the commondlg.dll which offers the windows dialogs for saving, printing and stuff. This dll also supplies the keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl-R is apparently not among them.

Thank you.

You claim that the Ctrl-R is the standard key for refreshing/reloading.
This is obviously not the case as there are numerous programs that use a completely different key for this purpose.
So, only because you are used to it and some other (very similar) applications have copied this part of a user interface is nothing more than plain convenience for the user and serves his lazyness to learn something new.
In my opinion it is simply not correct to claim the use of CTRL-R in MP3tag is the violation of a standard.

What about using F5 as the key for removing tags, oh no that's also impossible because programs also using that for refresh.


But fortunately in the end it's not up to someone to decide which key will be used, but it will be Florian's decision :slight_smile: