[RFE] support of entire ID3v2.4 standard

request for enhancement: support of entire ID3v2.4 standard as defined by www.ID3.org

As a look-up reference, these are the id3v2.4 fields not yet supported by MP3Tag.
I will update the list and strike through any fields implemented by MP3Tag in the future.

(in case a field listed here is already supported or changes from unsupported to supported, please post here)

AENC    Audio encryption
ASPI    Audio seek point index
COMR    Commercial frame
ENCR    Encryption method registration
EQU2    Equalisation
ETCO    Event timing codes
GEOB    General encapsulated object
GRID    Group identification registration
LINK    Linked information
MCDI    Music CD identifier
MLLT    MPEG location lookup table
OWNE    Ownership frame
PCNT    Play counter
POSS    Position synchronisation frame
PRIV    Private frame
RBUF    Recommended buffer size
RVA2    Relative volume adjustment
RVRB    Reverb
SEEK    Seek frame
SIGN    Signature frame
SYLT    Synchronised lyric/text
SYTC    Synchronised tempo codes
TDLY    Playlist delay
TPRO    Produced notice
UFID    Unique file identifier
USER    Terms of use

Particularly needed, from my perspective, would be for example SYLT (=lyrics with timecodes, which can scroll down as you sing along or even be displayed karaoke-style). Feature request and reasons here.

Also useful is UFID. That's where a song's unique ID can be stored, such as a MusicBrainz ID retrieved through acoustic fingerprinting. UFID support in MP3Tag would allow adding a file ID column, showing the user which files already have and which still need identification.

UFID is supported with the field name UNIQUEFILEID

thank you dano.

I got MP3Tag to write to UFID via UNIQUEFILEID, but neither tag panel nor custom columns can read preexisting UFID frames (with MusicBrainz ID) via UNIQUEFILEID or %UNIQUEFILEID%.

Why is that?

This internal variable is undocumented in the mapping table and unlisted in MP3Tag's various dropdown lists (see screenshot). It should be added, if indeed supported.

I could however display the UFID content in columns and tag panel via %MusicBrainz_TrackID%. As the owner identifier here is "http://musicbrainz.org" , I guess this also is an undocumented internal mapping.