Right-Click Context Menu for Folders on Mac

I mainly use Mp3tag on Windows, but also purchased a Mac license. One downside on the Mac version, is the right-clicking doesn't always give you the Mp3tag context menu; you essentially have to select audio files in a directory for the Mp3tag context menu to show up. On Windows, it's very nice to always have the Mp3tag context menu, so that you can right-click a top-level folder and Mp3tag opens up with the list of all audio files in that folder and sub-folders.

Opening folders in Mp3tag from the Finder context menu is available via the Services → Open in Mp3tag menu entry.

If you configure less than five services to be enabled in the Files and Folders section, all the enabled services become part of the top-level context menu (without the Services submenu).

More on services and service configuration under macOS is available at:

Excellent, I see it there now. Thank you!

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